Thursday, March 1, 2012


Have faith and focused. You will be able to juggle well!


How true, besides flying with her magical broom, 
a good witch also performs daily cleaning routine!
 Beware, even a professional clown can be 
a boxer at times that you make him to be one!


Lynn said...

Such cute little drawings. Your people delight me.

marianne said...

Good to see you post again!
Lovely paintings Yoon See!

Kay Aker said...


Evelyn said...

Hi Yoon See
How are you? These drawings are so cute!


Amy C said...

these are all so lovely!

Julie said...

i have not been seeing your posts pop up on my blog!!! i am looking back at all the beautiful posts i have missed lately! Very cute people drawings!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

A very capable trio! Delicious little characters! And I love all the drawings on your letters and envelopes. Spreading Yoon See happiness throughout the world.

Hope you are well, my friend! xoxo