Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A visit to Institut Kraf Negara-Part 1

Institut Kraf Negara
 Yellow bloom rattan basket
 Swan sanctuary rattan basket
 Orange rattan basket
 Sleepy snake rattan basket
 Multiple blossoms rattan basket
 Blue whale rattan basket

Last May, I visited Institut Kraf Negara that situated at Rawang

I was so lucky to have my talented blogger friend Rizal with me the whole session, he is the senior lecturer in IKN. It's a guided tour together with him and he introduced all the art departments here in details. Among there are art departments for batik, wood craft, rattan and ceramic. But I have a particular interest in rattan art as I have never witness such innovative creations by our local craft students before. Each piece is excellently designed & executed. I especially have an eye for the yellow bloom rattan basket. shown above.  

My whole journey was throned with lots of excitement & surprises, I was given some beautiful souvenirs to bring home. Indeed, it's a satisfying visit and I am hoping to make another visit again!


deepazartz said...

This is so Khhooool, Yoon See...Love each piece, it's so unique...I haven't seen much of it either. I have seen few rattan things of completely different nature in India. The yellow bloom one did get my attention. Swan one and whale one is also really good... fab work by the artists... and fab work by you for sharing this with us. One doesn't across such beautiful things very often.

Good Day Sis':)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What intricate baskets. I hope you brought one home for yourself.

Evelyn said...

Interesting pieces Yoon See. You are going again? Take me, take me!

Julie said...

What amazing rattan peices! The snake is really great!!!

Mónica said...

beautiful and colorful, i like very much. Have a nice sunday :) hugs

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

These are so beautiful Yoon! Very nice!

Julie said...

Are these peices for sale there as well???

Caroline said...

Somewhere I have yet to visit!! Lovely pics!