Thursday, October 27, 2011

The process and updates

Sorry friends, 

There are still problem for me to upload and also to link back in blogger, don't know what  is happening?

Besides, I am quite busy lately. So I wouldn't be posting for a while!
Take care yeah all readers.

Below are two images I like and I think you will be spoiled too by the splashes and some beautiful complimenting colours that I had chosen for the owl calender collaboration process.



marianne said...

Cute painting Yoon See!
You take care and get the things done . See you again after this busy period

Chan Wah Chen said...

Hi Yoon See

Thanks for visiting my blogs during your busy schedules. I am excited to see your many ways to create art works. Will keep checking here to see new idea.

chan wah

Evelyn said...

Take care Yoon See.

Katie said...

These owls are so cute! Nice work :-)

deepazartz said...

Cute owl, Yoon See...Hope all the Net probs get solved fast and we could read more of ur wonderful posts...:)
Until then,