Monday, August 1, 2011

A day with my churchmate

Last week, my churchmate ordered some art supplies from me. I'm please because she's my first customer.
I fetched her from church then we went to have an early lunch. My churchmate was really good. She treated me to a newly open cafe. Food was great! I would definitely go back again!

Fried noodle with pork fillets
 Spicy noodle soup
 Pork fillets
Hot lemon tea

After lunch, we headed to her art studio. This was my first visit and upon arrival, I was fascinated by her students' creations. We talked about art and many other things, we also exchanged our art teaching experience and ideas . Besides, we shared our dreams, prayed for each others and to further encouraged one another:) That's a great day!

These are some creative creations taken from her studio.
Owl Lantern
Naive fish paper craft

 Mouse paper craft
Reindeer Santa Clause
Just before I left, she treated me again
the second round with two slice of cakes.

Thank you my dear friend.