Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cactus Monday 44

Happy Cactus Monday friends! 

He...He..Late entry....
I submit this entry on Tuesday but not Monday!
Really funny! Cute cactus is blooming with three red blooms.
 The blooms come with two eyes & a nose and ready to greet you well!

My last submission on Cactus Monday
was about 1 1/2years back...
Very interesting giant cactuses.
Do check it out here if you have the time!


ken said...

like the cute pinkish flowers on the cactus :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Late or not this is a pretty cactus bloom. I love the color. Happy Cactus Monday on Tuesday.

Teri C said...

What a beautiful surprise to see you posting for Cactus Monday!! These little cactus are so cute and perfect for you. I love the way their flowers look like a tiara.


Julie said...

What a sweet cactus with such cute flowers!!! Love that pink shade! Happy late CM!