Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My first decorative package

 Perspective view
 Front view
 Rear view

Yes, I believe that a special gift well wrapped will make my friends happier.

Though busy......recently, I spent some time trying different ways to improve the design of my packaging and this is the first to start with. I am happy with the result and hope that the future packaging will be even more creative and promising!

Here, I had prepared some complimenting yarns that works well as a bow, it comes randomly with some yellow lucky stars on the front cover as wall paper, the only thing......I left the upper right corner clear for stamping. And now, it's ready to GO GO GO and find its new home soon!


Julie said...

Very colorful and fun! The recipient will be cheered up no matter how their day is going!!!

deepazartz said...

Colourful package!Anyone will have rainbow in their eyes seeing this:)