Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspirational Wuzhen, Hangzhou, China II

Map showing various Wuzhen's streets and 
I was at Lady street that moment!

Let us explore the "Lady Street" now!
 Present to you the beautiful yet
versatile ceramic tea mug gallery!
 The window display is so inspiring!
Yes, the yellow orchards
had stolen my heart away!
 Simple and cosy interior display
invites customer to stop and ponder
for good bargain!
 Fashion shop with cool canvas paintings and
handmade canvas shoes !
 This shop sells silk scarves!
And this shop sells gorgeous jewelries!
Some shops sell super beautiful
ceramic ornament displays!
This is one of my favourites, although
 I didn't make a purchase but
I really enjoyed exploring
all these shops
from its exteriros and interiors.

Check out the part I here!


Lynn said...

What a fun trek I took with you. Lady Street has lots to offer! I enjoyed this all.

deepazartz said...

Wonderful trip...the tea mug display is great, so is the bowl in last pic. You look gr8 too(I hope that you with your hair cut:))!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

YS you had such a good time in China. All that you are showing us is amazing. Thank you.

Evelyn said...

Very nice!