Monday, November 15, 2010

Postcards from Monica again!

Lovely postcards from Monica
Monica's greeting to me:)

A trillion thank you to my dearest blogger friend Monica and you are so thoughtful and remember me always with all kinds of lovely things!
Though these are not expensive gifts but your friendly gesture had taken another level up....warmth my heart again and again!
I can feel the joy reading in the library too and I have been to the children book and lifestyle sections in my area for at least two times this year:)

Portugal is so beautiful and now with these postcards in hand, I start wondering and day dreaming away to Portugal......putting myself as a tourist and enjoying the best scenery there!
Ha...Ha...I am spoil...I am.....

I look forward for the next surprises you will prepare for me.
Fingers cross and counting down 10, 9, 8, 7,.....
Thank you again for your kindness Monica.

P/s: Please visit her lovely blog to discover her talent & venture in children art illustration as well as her fun discoveries in the library!


TrüSka said...

Is this a coincidence or not? I'm from Portugal, Lisbon to be more exact and i believe you really need to visit my beautiful country! What do you think hmmm? : D I don't believe in coincidences my dear... when you comme to visit i will expect a word from you so we can meet ok? Kisses from Portugal : *** See U Soon : D