Monday, November 8, 2010

4th Art Expo Malaysia 2010 V

Artworks by various artists.
I am in awe of the beauty & wonder of this stained glass installation!
 A glimpse of the thrilling splashes close up.......
Colourful and organic shape plate installation brought my full attention
for a prolong stay to take photo from different angles...
Another masterpieces crafted with love and care by the artist.
I heart the triangle piece!
Close up: I could feel my celebrative mood begin to tick here!
A wonderful and bold abstract piece: celebration of waves...
I instantly felt the love of my mother again when
seeing this beautiful "Mother & Child" piece!!!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are all beautiful works of art that you have presented. You have also answered a question I have asked about my friend who collects Madonna art. It must remind her of her mothers love. Thank you.

marianne said...

Wow Yoon See what a lot of different art! Some very awesome!

Hope you are doing OK!!!!!


Owl Eng said...

very inspiring!! how long will it be in malaysia?