Friday, October 29, 2010

4th Art Expo Malaysia 2010 I

Posing with a lovely Japanese Artist,
she was the only one that wore
 a Kimono for this occasion!

It's time to visit art expo again! So far I had been to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th art expo...but I missed the first one. Thus, I am very careful on planning and counting down to this glorious event! This duration for this year art expo is from 28th October to 1 November, a total 5 days of exhibited time frame will sure spoil all art lovers from different states and countries.

I was supposed to go with my dear blogger friend Mizzyn this Sunday but I can't cancel my Sunday lessons...So, I went with my lecturer instead.... Kak Emila was not free to come along! We reached there very early in the morning and all the parking had been occupied...luckily I still could managed to find a non-parking lot to park...phew!

Alternatively, you could travel to the venue with free shuttle bus services, I will be happy to try the services next year and let you all know the outcome!

When we reached the venue, the expo had been flocked by visitors. There are art enthusiast, international secondary school students and some foreign visitors too. First, we visited the Japanese booths and were well greeted by a few Japanese Artists. We communicated and expressed our admiration to their wonderful creations. They were most happy to have photo session with us....

In general, the exhibition get better and better each year! It took me about 2 and a half hours to finish viewing all booths. Poor lecturer, she had to wait for me at the nearby food court! However, before we left, we went one more round to take pictures with the artworks that we admire and fall in love with! More fun photos of us on the next post!

I wish I have the time to revisit the expo. I wouldn't feel bore going for the same expo for the 2nd, 3rd time......Indeed every visit is unique to me!

Yes, I slept so well and had a sweet dream too. Do you know what is my dream?

I like taking pictures of people. Below are a few of my satisfy snapshots. Enjoy!

I met this pretty Korean artist for the second time,
still looking gorgeous like her creations!
Life spontaneous!
A stunning Macau art representative
 accepted my photo session request!
Don't you agree....The art representative was so careful
chooing the right outfit to match the surrounding!
Pleasant looking feminine artist
with her charming ceramic potteries display!
These Campbells artworks are so cool!
Certainly making a statement!!!


Mónica said...

Great arts works, thanks for sharing beautiful and interestin expo. Have a nice weekend. hugs

Evelyn said...

Hi Yoon See, wish I were there! Some really interesing work there.

kruel74 said...

Just realised abt this Art Expo when I read your blog. I hope I can find some time to go before it ends on 1st November

Owl Eng said...

the life drawing is really cool!!

Julie said...

You are such a happy, fun person, Yoon See! Looked like a grand place to visit and see all of the artists and their work. Glad you enjoyed it...I hope you can go back at least 1 more time!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

YS you are such a pretty lady. I am surprise that you aren't introducing us to your dearly beloved. Have so much fun, enjoying the beautiful lights and great art as inspiration.

Emila Yusof said...

great ictures, yoon see! hope to meet you soon!

Rascat said...

Amazing!! awww i wish i can go too :( ...but yet i'm glad to know theres a art expo :) tell me more about it when we meet :D