Friday, September 3, 2010


Hugging a booster is a wonderful experience!
Let get started and do let go of it....
the tenderness is killing me softly!
Even owl needs plenty of sleep.

Sleep soundly please and
I am here to be your guardian angel.

Immovable-the love of a peer, lover.
Immovable-Stay focused!

I did these two doodles in 15 minutes, just nice for IF submission!


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

I like the patterns in the owls and the group of stars above her head. These are sweet!! And wow...15 minutes?!!

pretty day said...

I like these!! Very sweet!

Caroline said...

Wow, you are doing so great!
Love your sketching!
So proud of how you are maturing...a real artist!
Love Caroline

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You must have been sleepy when you drew these. The girl is so cute hugging her booster. They owls are even sleepy. I hope you got some good rest.

Owl Eng said...

yes yes yes, i love hugging my booster too. i must hug it every night otherwise will have insomnia. love the girl's expression. i wonder if i would look like her with my booster in my arms ;p
and.. i have fallen in love with these cute cute owls!! nice ones!
fast and cool

get zapped said...

sweet! I love the simple imagery, it's so soothing. Have a lovely weekend!

Evelyn said...

Hey Yoon See - I love the owls!

James said...

nice picture :)

Kay Aker said...

Oh my, these are really charming!