Thursday, August 5, 2010

Work in progress-Mermaid Bookmark

Work in progress-
Making more mermaids bookmarks for friends!
Aiming for gem-
Be humble and going through all your low times,
you will find sunshine soon!
Aim high for that gem!
In search of treasure high and low!
We learn to love each other and live in harmony!
Mermaids in trio!
Displaying the tail!
Tail in focus:)
This is my sketch book since 1999, loving it a lot!
Love brings us all together!
I like the simpler version of my second attempt here!
This is the one I made last year for myself.

Recently, I had finished making 5 mermaid bookmarks and I had given off all as presents to friends. Yes, I still have a plenty for my blogger friends. Now, the supplies of purple round beads and off white beads are out. Please pray for me so that I could get the supplies on time. I plan to give them to the cactus monday friends.

Oh yeah, thanks to the team of Cactus Monday friends: Teri C, Soulbrush, Lisa Bowman, Lisa Rivas, Julie, Marianne, Lynn, Evelyn, Margerat Ann, Lolo, Caroline, Messy Fish and  Deepa Gropal Sunil for your love and support.

Sorry, if I have missed mentioning your name here. I love to give more away and if you haven't get one yet, you got to wait until the next round......

If you are interested to view more of my last year mermaid bookmark creations. Please do so here!


mizzyN said...

that's a lovely book mark.
i love mermaids.

Julie said...

Oh, goodness, Yoon are always so busy creating!!! These are gorgeous, girl!!! You are way to generous though...sending these out all the way from Malaysia!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

These are cute as a button YS. You are a woman of many talents.

Evelyn said...

sweet :)

Graciela said...

Hi Yoon see!!!
thanks for your comments on my blog, your bookmarks are beautiful, very beautiful with so many beads, I love them!
sending you a kiss and come again to your blog

Kris-Tea said...

Wonderful mermaids :) Thank you for your comment! Hope to upload more illustrations to my blog, I miss the IF days! :) Hope all is going great with you.. your blog is always so inspiring!

Mónica said...

Adorable mermaids, congrats for your creative hands, i like very much this post and your note book. Hugs and have a sunny weekend.

Retinna Bell said...

How awesome! That's a really cool idea. You never cease to delight me when I read your blog. Thanks so much for your comment. I can't wait to hear about the book. Take care!

Retinna Bell said...

By the way! I forgot to answer your question about my name. I am under the impression that it is Xhosa for "gather." I didn't know that your name meant poem. I think that is really beautiful!

marianne said...

O my special they are!!!!
And how excited I was to read I will get one!
I really love them yoon See What a perfect idea!You should sell these at Etsy's i am sure a lot of people would want them!

You are such a sweetheart. I wonder where you get the time in your busy schedule.....

sending you love from Singapore! (we are close.....)