Friday, August 13, 2010

Cute Note Books

These are my three cute note pads!
I have the habit of collecting note pads and
of course I do use them creatively!
This OFFICE note book that I bought last year
from Popular bookshop is still with me always.
With its small pocket size, I can carry it almost everywhere.
Thus, it's always with me in my handbag.
Yahoo! The "OFFICE" font had been decorated by me....
with a lovely yellow heart sticker!

It's more prettier now,  more notes are recorded here!
The internal pages are well decorated
with the stickers given recently by my talented artist friend AMY C.
See, this adorable mouse is her avatar!
A page recorded the mail expenses I spent
for sending gifts over to friends.
Sending mails near Christmas, that is why I have to be early this year:)

I can recall, I bought this navy sea blue note
 from Popular Bookshop Klang in 2007.
Love its sturdy bold look and it's to record positive messages!

It says "SUCCESS"
85% right attitude
15% technique
How true and we must always be reminded of the above quote!

Another lovely note book given to me by my sister.
Love its simple pattern and colour range!
Here, bible study insights are recorded.
I put in the application line.

How about you friends? Do share with us your dream note book. I would love to see it!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Funny you should ask this YS. I just posted about a book I made. I really like it. You will be surprised when I show the first page I created.

Julie said...

Have you seen how I have turned this fanancial pages book they send to my house, into a painting and pasting journal? I call it my Financial Dream journal, and I just do anything I want to in it! It is so fun!

Amy C said...

lovely notebooks, I am glad you found somewhere to use the stickers!