Monday, July 5, 2010


My hard disk broke down last two weeks and it was a new hard disk but old model since this Chinese New Year,  so it's still under warranty, I will get one new hard disk in about 1 month time. The cause of the broke down was the improper shut down of the computer. Reason it had been infected by virus.......

So I was not able to go online until I bought a new CPU. I only manage to check emails in my student's house for a while. 

I update the antivirus software everyday, today I just discover another virus in my system. Luckily, I deleted it. I pray that my computer is saved all time. It's my everyday prayer now that I pray for protection especially to myself, my family and friends and my belonging. I also pray that God will remove the sins and curses I have had and also the sins and curses that others setted to me and my family. I feel better and knowing the importance of prayer and reading God's word.  I know God has his timing and reasons for certain things that happened to us.

I have been super busy lately. I took up a ten days Chi Kung last month. I have been busy practising and making it part of my life. Everyday, I manage to practise at least 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours. I feel so much better and see the healing process take place bits by bits.
I want to thank my friend Brenda and doctor for their encouragement to me during this period of time. My thank you to God, he is looking after me and guiding me through.

I was not able to sleep well and having tremendous itchiness at night in June. It was sleepless nights for me. Luckily, this effect didn't last for two weeks, now I get back my sleep and normal route.

With the new CPU, I am able to learn new skill, so for this period of time, I will be quiet upgrading my computer photoshop and illustration skill. I am starting to do watercolour painting too in midst of busy schedule.
In the meantime, I wouldn't be participate in Illustration Friday for the time being. I am developing and working on my private project that I had mentioned before. I am not ready to show my development yet. I will update this blog with pictures, writings and prayers.
However, my time online will be greatly reduced. Sorry to come by late friends, I love visiting and reading blog entries....but that time just not enough!

Yes, I have just introduced comment moderation because I am not happy with some unhealthy links posted here by the reader. To that person that drop these comments, thank you but please take note take it's not acceptable to me. Hope you understand.

Last but not least, thanks for staying with me all my dear friends.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Nothing worse than computer problems. I am glad you are back online.

junezach said...

Thanks for the update Yoon See! Take your precious time. Blogging can wait. :D

Stay happy! :D

-Fledgling Blogger-

Eric Barclay said...

Glad you are feeling better, and hope your computer issues are resolved soon. Thanks so much for your kind words.

yoon see said...

Thanks and you really care

Yeah, I must stay happy!

Eric Barclay
You are welcome!