Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Keeper 2

A pumping heart is a time keeper. Do you take time to hear your own heart beats and be thankful that you are still alive?

As long that we are still alive, we keep time for the meaningful pursues we have on earth. More importantly, take time to count God’s blessings. Also, be watchful as we don’t know when is the next coming of God? We want to be prepared when he comes again Lord.

Naturally, when we are happy, our hearts’ beats are so upbeat! We feel the time passes so fast. When we are down, vice versa it goes. That’s fine but we want to feel God’s presence and allow the holy spirit to dwell in us so that our hearts are renewed and stay fit and alive always. God is giving us life, the real life!

Exercise and listening to soft music to up keep a healthy heart. When we exercise, oxygen is bumping in and our hearts’ beats are accelerated. Similarly, the system of our body is working better when we are in happy mood. Life is indeed wonderful and worth living when we know that God is always with us no matter who we are, where we are and what situation we are in!

Time will tell. Taking the time to know him and making the best out of a day is our promises to God.

Dearest Father,

Thank you for giving us a healthy pumping heart and we are still alive today to praise and serve you. We pray that we make effort to up keep it so that we are fit physically, mentally and spiritually to be with you counting all the blessing you have prepared for us.

In precious Jesus's name,



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