Monday, May 31, 2010

Time Keeper

To many, a watch is a time keeper. Traditionally, a moon and sun were one.

Today, watch is incorporated into a cell phone, calculator and etc. It’s so easy to use and it serve its function as an alarm clock and etc.

Other than a watch, what could it be?
The challenge is to explore the possibilities and beyond!

To me, a time keeper is a careful & mindful person. He or she has his or her unique ways of keeping time! As they know the value of time and the importance of keeping it. They take pride to manage time. They plan and record their “To do” list, to re-evaluate on how much time that one can save, spend and keep for the current and future tasks.

This is what I am working on. I am practicing to be a good time keeper and still learning. So far, I have successfully recorded time spent for my daily activities and try to work on the urgent tasks first.

So, naturally, I wake up and to be with God first and rehearsing the motivation and wisdom cards. Follow by taking bath, applying oilmen to my affected skin. Taking breakfast and then exercise. Next, practice on the piano and etc. I also realize my long term goals to serve you in your kingdom through the sharing of my illustrations and blogging. By doing so, I am living a healthy lifestyle and also a healthy time keeper too. I will write more personal testimony and sharing in the future to encourage my friends here. I am so glad that my semi temporary stop blogging time have been used so effectively to read your words. Thank you Lord for giving me wisdom to do so.

You too can be a healthy good time keeper. Let’s us review and pray on this daily matter and see the harvest you will reap with joy and gratefulness.

Dear heavenly Father,
Thank you God, with your marvelous plan, you have created day and night for us, 24 hours a day, nothing more and nothing less.

Traditionally by day, time spend for working. Evening spend for playing. Night spend for sleeping and resting. Today in midst of business, we pray that we can be closer to you and meeting your will by observing and learning to an effective time keeper. When it’s time to work, we work. Time for play we play and time to rest, we rest.

So help us Lord in your most magnificent ways to see, feel and enjoy the beauty of your work- the day and night, especially treasuring the present, learning from the past and embracing the future. In Jesus precious name we pray.