Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gifts from talented Kay Aker

A special thank you from Yoon See to super talented children art illustrator Kay Aker. She is serving the Lord our God through her lovely special illustration style. I am truely in awe of her talent!

Green greeting card of Spring!
A 2010 calender for me!
Special ocean stamp sticker page!
A magnet, postcard and inspirational quote!

Please discover her special interesting pieces here, here and here!
Her works has been featured here not long ago.
Well done Kay Aker!


Mónica said...

Good morning! beautiful gifts, i like these illustrations of Kay Aker

soulbrush said...

although i haven't visited you often lately i always think of you little friend. have a sweet week.

Owl Eng said...

wow... i really want to scream and jump around. they are really really really fabulous!