Sunday, May 2, 2010

Double Rainbow-Promises of GOD

When I saw these unique double rainbow last Thursday while jogging around my neighbourhood, I quickly went back to get my camera to record this miracle sign. I also called my neighbour to witness the joy of such moment.
There two rainbows here and the smaller one was the reflection of the first rainbow. It was unusual long and radiant in colour.
Never before I see so beautiful rainbows.
There were many times I saw beautiful rainbows but this is the best that I see so far!
I know God will not fails us, HE is always there for me.
Thank you God for your greatest comfort for me.

You know that how much I need YOU.
You have instantly lifted my burden.........
It was such a touching moment and I cried...tears of happiness...
tears of double happiness, I know you never forsake me....
Thank you GOD.
See carefully here, double rainbow
resembles PROMISES of God!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, you have been mightly blessed with this scene.

Evelyn said...

Very nice series, Yoon See.

junezach said...

Indeed rainbow is a sign of God's promise. :D

Nice snapshots!

Eve said...

I saw the double rainbow too! i'm not sure whether was it on the same day. Hee~