Thursday, April 22, 2010

Video-Extraordinary Pantene Commercial

Thai Pantene television commercial. Its simply brilliant. The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds. One of the most touching advertisements Ive seen in a long, long time.

GaolisVideoLog There should be more things like this in the media. You know, stuff that encourages you to reach your goal and tells you that it is ok to be different.


Thanks for many that concern of my temporary stop blogging. I really feel that is a reasonable time for me to learn new skills, improve & sharping my existing skills and to transform to a better person.

For a normal internet user, spending 5 hours each week on blogging and surfing is consider very minimal. What about if you spent approximately 2 hours each day on blogging, updating status in the facebook... It will be about 14hours that equal to almost a total of 2 full work days.For this, it's not very productive unless, you have the time and you are a fulltime blogger.

Let's say, you post only once a week. You need to edit photos and prepare blog entry, follow up with friends and surf the net. How long it will be. If the internet is slow, it will take longer time to do so...

Reading is the door way to open up wisdom and formulate ideas.Tomorrow is World Book day. Have you spent at least 20 minutes to read a book each day? Reading not the internet don't counts...

So, now total up your time @ the activities you do daily as below and find out the answers on how to manage our time on these issues.

Daily time spent on TV ( )

Daily time spent on Internet( )

Daily time spent on reading( )

Mine are......

Daily time spent on TV(none)

Daily time spent on internet if I am on line that day (3 to 4 hours)

Daily time spent on reading (1hour sometimes I read , sometimes I don't)

According to Shin Chew Daily, most people spend 10 times more on internet than reading. It's the top entertainment for today and it has took over watching TV as entertaining and other purposes.

It's true that internet provides a lot of informations but reading a book helps us to be focused.

Thus, we actually should commit at least 20 minutes on reading gradually.

These are just my opinions, care to let me know what's yours?


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are so right! What a wonderful commercial! I love them! This is beautiful. I hadn't seen this one yet. It's wonderful. Yes we have missed you not blogging, but I completely understand. Other things have to be taken care of at this time and time is so valuable and precious we must do what we can when we can. I send you hugs my sister

Francisco Martins said...

Hi Yoon!
OMG this is so amazing...i have to admit...i was crying when it got to the end! snif snif!
thanks for sharing this, i will save the video! :)

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh boy, this really made me cry a lot, too. What a great commercial. Would have made such a moving film as well.

And you are right on the blogging/internet thing. I spend way too much time, when I really should be accomplishing more.

You? Transform into a better person? You are already a butterfly.

junezach said...

One of the best commercials I've seen. Touching. Worth pondering. I even posted it in my Facebook wall and mentioned I got this from you. :D

About reading, it is very challenging to me. They say through reading one could learn discipline. Superb article you have here. Keep it up! ^_^

baincardin said...

Hi Yoon See! ^_^

*Jom layan E Series...(tgh berangan nih..hehe) ^_^'

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................

marianne said...

Oh Yoon See in LA I couldn't see the video, but now I did!
It is super!
Brought me to tears! (that is special)
Thanks for sharing it.!
A surprise is on its way to you Hope you get it soon to brighten up your day like you did mine!