Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gifts for friends

Couple mice
Close up of cutie mouse

I have made 3 sets of couple mice.
One for me, two for for my blogger friends Amy C and Monica.
I guess this fits in well!
Mouse is my birth year!
Amy's profile icon is a mouse.
Monica starts with "M".
When I am more free, I will continue to make more for you all too:)
I am going to improve on their noses too, will add on some cool features like hat, cloth...
Will see.......


Mónica said...

Woo, thank you very much Yoon See!
your gifts and letter arrive to my letterbox :D i sent you mail last week.
Wonderful and cute post :) hugs

Amy C said...

eeeeak and squeak, adorable, Thank you Thank you.
You are so sweet kind and thoughtful.
Happy Easter to you Yoon See.

Shirley said...

Yoon See! so sweet..these are so charming..and that makes sense, Mouse for Amy and Monica! I am sorry I have been so delayed at visiting too - it's been super busy and I am still working away on my website and new illustrations. By the way, I just love your DaVinci series!!! So very sweet they are! Always good to see your visits - take care and Happy Easter to you!

Cori Lynn Berg said...

Very sweet! I'm a mouse too! Wonder if we're the same age!

Diana Evans said...

oh so so cute Yoon See!!! you are so clever with these little creatures...and I know that your friends will love them!!!