Friday, April 2, 2010

Dedication to Caroline Soer

Faithful & Loyal:
Wherever you go, I will follow!

Caroline Soer's cat Charlie is missing!
I hope he will be back soon Charlie.
Pet is human's best friend. Whether you have a dog, cat or....You will miss your pet when it's he or she is not around.

See, the illustration above showing how faithful a cat can be.....yeah a friend as well as a follower to her master.

I am pretty sure you have a very dear pet too. Life is made perfect with the happy moment shared together. Please cherish your time with your pet because their life spans are much shorter than human. May be just a seven to 10 years....

I also take this opportunity to pray for Caroline's operation to be successful and smooth. I pray that the doctors and the medication team are efficient to take care her and her feeling & condition..
May her have a restful time to enjoy the process of natural healing. We all await your coming back dear Caroline. Take care and yes, yes I still remember your sunshine smile and you are so pretty as always!

Credit to Da Vinci the Genius


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely tribute to Caroline. I too hope the Charlie comes home and her operation is successful.

marianne said...

Such a sweet post for Caroline!

Yes she is in my thoughts! And I sure hope her cat will return!

Hope you will have a wonderful Easter weekend Yoon See!


Caroline said...

Dear Yoon See thank you for this sweet post! Love the illustration. I am doing fine now. x