Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Spring Spring!

I can feel the Spring is with me even I 'm in Malaysia!
Such merry mood.......So much joy.......I feel like wondering around.....!
Little pink accents sprinkle the true happy colour.
Painting and uplifting this whole season and it's my favourite season too.......

Sorry, I am very busy lately plus my Internet not working properly.
Today, I have a concert for my students. When I 'm back tonight, I will continue my mission to drop by to your beautiful blogs yeah friends:)
Morning call!
Woke up early!
My first class currently starts at as early as 8 to teach!


Evelyn Howard said...

Very pretty - I love the colours in the first photo - would be nice on fabric!

Teri C said...

Beautiful pink flowers! You sounds good Yoon See and that makes me happy.

Julie said...

Gorgeous cherry blossoms~!! I would be feeling so happy too if I had these all around me!!!

Rascat/Catherine said...

sakura XD

junezach said...

Beautiful flowers! :D

Happy Spring! Celebrate life!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you are able to enjoy the spring season. Thos blooms are beautiful, so perfect they look like silk flowers.

Mónica said...

Hello Yoon See! I just nominated you for a "Sunshine Award". You can find out more on my blog. Have a happy spring.Hugs

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Oh, Yoon See, these are so beautiful and the perfect flower for the beginning of Spring.

Sarah's Creations said...

Beautiful pics.
Have a nice day!

marianne said...

Gorgeous pictures!
So cool you can feel spring also!
No surprise to me :)

Don't feel sorry, we all are busy sometimes. You do the best you can YS!

Have a wonderful week!!

Ben said...

WOW, time really fly and it is spring now?! Take good care Yoon See no matter how busy you're ;)

Bella Sinclair said...

GASP! Look at these sakura! Oh my, they are so big and luscious. No wonder you are in such a happy spring mood! Thank you for sharing them.

I hope the concert went well!


Nessa said...

Good morning Yoon See! :)

So happy to hear you so upbeat and cheery... yeah, I love Spring too. Wish the weather was cooler here though but at least it's raining again ya.

Take care always my friend.

deepazartz said...

Lovely pink blooms!!!
Hope your Concert is a great Success!!!

get zapped said...

Oh my, this is spring at her best! I love the intensity of the pink. The blossoms here have been pale pink but, fluffy!

Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, and I love your illustration for "expired". I'm thankful Spring is here also.