Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Doodle Time

I haven't been posting much of my doodles. So, I pull out a few little guys doodle
from my precious sketchbook to juice up your day!

I really love the characters here especially the three on the left. Innocent doggies, angel and an entertainer!

"V" for Victory!

Graceful steps!

Cheerful Bee ready for Spring!

Top figure: Well are the best!

Bottom figure: Here we go again !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Cute characters.

Tekkaus said...

So you drew this? :p

Julie said...

These are so sweet@!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable Yoon See! Coincidentally I recently bought a Taro Gomi coloring book. Your doodles reminds me much of that book.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

I love cute stuff!



I see. I am a fan of Taro Gomi too!!!
He...He..We have so much in common Anh.
I did these sketches last year before I know Taro Gomi form internet.
I bought Taro Gomi 2010 calender for inspiration.

Mónica said...

So cute and nice spring in your blog¡Adore!

Amy C said...

these are adorable, they are such fresh lively drawings.
And I love how you gave them little personalities

junezach said...

Very cute art! I like this so much! :D

Owl Eng said...

your doodles has helped getting rid of my bad mood. i feel much delighted after seeing all of these cute characters ;)