Monday, February 8, 2010


Love the misty effect setted on the light bulb,
I feel a sense of home coming!
The drop that gorgeous drapes recreating some
old meets new fun and funky mood here! Red lantern enrichs our mood and emotion.
Making us extra merrier.. That spark of prosperous light
giving the charming blessing to its passerby!

Chinese New Year must always comes with lanterns. Red lantern displays are sure to cheer the festive mood. The more the merrier!

Yes, lights directs and their details could arose the mood of their spectators, intrigue their eyes and make a photo shot like this come to life.....The joy of a photographer is to explore....I love exploring, especially on some unique angles and capturing that very special details......then coming back and revisiting those enchanting and poetic moments. This is truly a satisfying indulgence that I love to have and will continue to pursue!
I tell you my delight favourite shots are the first two from the top:)


MONICA said...

Hi Yoon See! beautiful lantern and other photos. Nice mood of begin this morning. Thanks

Evelyn Howard said...

Yes agree. Lovely!

Caroline said...

Lovely lanterns - they look great at these angles. What does MMM stand for?!!!

Diane AZ said...

I love every detail of these lanterns and angles you shot them from. The second one is particularly exciting as light seems to pour down.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such happy photos. Good job.

Ben said...

Yoon See, I particularly like the 2nd photo! You took it from a pretty unique angle and really light up my spirit for the CNY ;) Wish you in advance, Happy Chinese New Year :)

Julie said...

Beautiful lanterns!!! Happy Chonese New Year! Does it start on Feb. 14???

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)