Friday, February 12, 2010

Gifts from talented Shirley

Handmade bookmark, calender!
Cute and cool bunny greeting card!

Yippee... So much goodies.....and all are so lovely and sweet!
Special thanks to my talented artist friend Shirley, she sent me these cool gem gifts. I am honoured to receive such beautiful gifts from her. She is incredible thoughtful and I just wonder how she knew I love collecting bookmarks and calenders? Yes, I must confess how much I love these little treasures!
Thanks for your picks and thanks for your friendship and love link too.....Love you Shirley!

I encourage you explore her beautiful blog and you will find her spectacular watercolor style masterpieces so appealing and inspiring!
I particularly love her illustrations here, here and here.
I hope and trust that you will find your favourites of hers here!

She is a very kind person. She is currently having a giveaway until the 15th Feb 210.
Go here and try your luck, who knows you will walk away with unexpected giveaway!
Good luck friends:)


Shirley said...

Oh my! Yoon are SO very sweet for posting this. I thank YOU for your kindness and friendship - it is so wonderful to get to know lovely friends like you who have a great love of art in common. You are a gem, one of the brightest! xoxo Shirley

MONICA said...

Hi Yoon!! nice gifts from frienship :) adorable.
Kind regards, have a nice and warm weekend.