Thursday, February 25, 2010

2nd Giveaway for 2010

The prize:Front Cover
Da Vinci The Genius 2010 desktop calender!
A peep into January page-
The Forever Charming Mona Lisa
1st picture: Chilled out!
2nd picture: Tea time:)
3rd picture: Sweet bubble jelly bath time!
4th picture: Passion for creation!

Here we go again, time for the 2nd giveaway of this year!
Contest open to all friends from around the world!
Friends, please kindly write a creative short story narrating the above 4 pictures on your blog and link back your contest entry to this post. Comment at this post and let me know once you have done!
The closing date is on the 7th March 2010.
The winner with best story will walk away with a Da Vinci The Genius 2010 desktop calender!
The result will be announced on the 9th March 2010.
I hope you love the giveaway that I have planned for you all, please try your luck and have fun playing with words. Unleash your creative inner child to the maximum!
Thank you again friends for reading and participating:)
Yeah, more to come.....I will post the 3rd Giveaway for 2010 by tomorrow.
Credited to LG and Da Vinci The Genius:)
Sorry for the delay, my computer is running extremely slow...certain blogs I can enter but I can't leave comments.
I know something is not right here....I have to restart my computer 4 times in order to upload photos, include links etc....It took me an hour to send this post!
I need to send my computer to the doctor on this Sunday:(


Diana Evans said...

so cute!!! wonderful stuff Yoon See!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your drawings are so cute YS. My favorite is "tea time". People used to tease me about being Mona Lisa. ha... I hope you get your computer fixed. How maddening.

. said...

Wooo! :) so beautiful draws, i like all scene in your drawings.

mizzyN said...

i'll enter this evening! :)

deepazartz said...

The drawings are so cuuuute Yoon C...loved each one of 'em.
Good Luck with your endeavour:)