Thursday, January 21, 2010

More gifts from Sarah

Winter fun greeting card! She has a big heart for friends! Gorgeous bird nest pendant Signature jewelry for elegant & comfort styling

A trillion thank you Sarah for all your greeting and gifts. You are super generous and thoughtful!
I really love them. thank you:)
Sarah is a professional jewelry artist living in Sweden, please visit her blog to discover more beautiful creations handmade by her.
She is having a fun winter holiday now, click here to "HI" to her!
Please check out her etsy shop sarahcreationsetsy when she is back for more to share!
Her creation had been discovered and featured etsy treasurey here and here!
Her darling daughters are so sweet and cute, click here to feel the cheerfulness of the little ones!
She is always having giveaways. Click here to see the previous giveaways here and here!
So, after seeing and reading so many great features of Sarah, I hope you will revisit her blog as often as I to do the catch up of she creative journey in jewelry making and offering. Be inspired and be a follower of her blog!
Last but not least, one more thing to share, I am happily wearing a bracelet that she previously sent to me, see the rainbow bracelet here.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a lucky girl to receive such thoughtful gifts.

baincardin said...

Gorgeous!!!~ All of them! ^_^

parisa mahmoudi said...

Hello Dear Yoon See! :)
Hope you are well.

Wow,these are lovely!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah is a really kind and nice person,Cause she is Iranian! ;)

Hope you have a beautiful weekend

Sarah's Creations said...

Thank you dear Yoon See. You are so sweet. I love to send you gifts.

Have a nice weekend!

Owl Eng said...

they are gorgeous! thanks for sharing the joy of being blessed with such beautiful presents and beautiful friendship

kenwooi said...

the winter fun card looks really nice =)