Saturday, January 30, 2010


Chinese New Year festive scenes from Subang Parade Shopping Mall, Subang Jaya but I like the last year CNY decoration theme more. Reason, the decor was so simple and it's just amazingly appealing! I still can recall that very special shopping moment I had with my beloved family last year!
Bird-eye view of the concourse area!I wonder if I could facilitate
this beautiful ancient bridge or not?!
Poetic red & pink blossoms on red lantern!
Harmonise team of red and yellow,
the lanterns do look pretty and trendy!
Different types of lanterns
that create different moods & interests!
Cool effect of
Green washes with
mysterious red accents setting!

After you seen these shots, go here and compare the previous year's decor and let me know which one you prefer!


Lynn said...

Happy New spectacular the celebration here!

Ben said...

I like the pavilion more than the bridge... I like thing simple and uncomplicated :D Your post remind me how time fly... Jan 2010 gone and CNY is just around the corner in 2 weeks time!!! Hohoho, time of the year to collect angpau :P

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOh Yoon! How BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the beautiful orange and flowers. It's just magnificent. Thanks so much for all your very kind words. I really appreciate you kindness. You are such a precious sister in the Lord. May our G-D bless you with every good and prefect blessing from above and grant you much favor for you kindness. I send you hugs from America,
Love you my sister

Barbara/myth maker said...

This year is very cheerful and bold. I like it, but I prefer last year's design which was more simple, and very open and airy.