Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Location: Mid Valley Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
Travelling alone so I need some one to help me on shooting my beautiful pictures. There were a few that helped me and I was not satisfy. So, I continue to in search of the right person for this important task.This super friendly gentleman was the best photographer that I met that day. He was polite and agreed taking my photos upon my request. Not just one but a few..... He was really patient and attentive even though he was about rushing off......

By then, I was doing a demo to him explaining the best method on capture my desired scene with my camera. So, his photo is with me now as memory. He even asked me whether I am a photographer! My answer was no but I explained that my passion took me here!

Later, it was my turn to take his photos using his camera. And of course, I suggested some fun posings for him. His friends also came by then. They agreed and the result was marvellous!!! I was so happy that I had so much to share!
My favourite photo actually is the last one that I took. I guess you know why!


marianne said...

Oh these malls are so fabulously decorated! Thanks for showing us. Wish some day I can see it with my own eyes again!


Lynn said...

Fun to engage a total stranger to help you with photo shoots. The tree decor is fun too. You look so cute!

Evelyn Howard said...

Nice to see your photo Yoon See!

baincardin said...

The Christmas deco is fantastic! ^_^ Thanks for sharing the photos Yoon See! :)

Julie said...

Nice to see you, Yoon See! The mall there is so decorated in a lavish fashion!!! Amazingly beautiful! Who is in the last pic??? Am I stupid not to know???

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

yoon see said...

Julie: Just a stranger!

Nicky Linzey said...

Lovely pictures of you Yoon See. You have a definite sparkle in your eye - is it because of the stranger in the last photo??!!

yoon see said...

Thank you, thank you:)

Just that I like the composition, colours, tones.... of the last picture. It was one and only shot that I snapped and showed to him.
My three shots are great but can be better! Anyway, I can't be too fussy!
I really thank him so much because he really helped me with the shots whole heartedly.
I know, others just simply snapped my photos:(

Actually I am not an expert in photography but I have passion in this feild, I know I can be better in this. I need to invest my time and money in photograhy. I will get a DSLR soon!!!!

Yeah, I have my own requirement too on this.