Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Resting and ready for the next great task
is the another renewal act!
Focus on what we are good at and
do it better and better this coming year.
And become a pro....He..He..
Balancing our daily activities!

It's a brand new year again! I have received so many SMS text messages and greetings from friends from near and afar just to wishing me all the best in this coming New Year. Similarly, my best wishes to you all too this year. May God looks after you and your family. Receiving the best blessing from Him!

Coincidentally, the challenge for Illustration Friday /IF this week is Renewal!

Renewal and making new resolutions are definitely a great start. Without resolutions, we can't move ahead.

So, as now for my case, after four days into the 2010 New Year, I still think living a balancing life is very important! So, have you do so and continue to check on how much quality time you will spend on this matter? Money can't buy healthiness and happiness!
I had been super busy for good and also had took time for resting, visiting so many wonderful places whether alone or with my family. You can check on my Merry Merry Mood (MMM) postings!

Setting reasonable resolutions and try to up keep with them is essential!
I understand that previously from my experience I had set too high and unattainable goals. It should be practical. Anyway, I am quite happy of what I have achieved so far. Lord the father is always guiding me my way.
I have some offers to do illustration works and it's certainly a good start! Good calling and praise the Lord, I am serving Lord and I am willing to be used by you Lord Father!

I don't feel disappointed when things turn out not as planned but understand that when it's the right timing, everything will be fine, just have faith.
Just like the 1st day of New Year, we have guests visiting from far. So naturally, time spent to serve them. Second and third day on Saturday and Sunday were busy days for me. My new work schedules for these two days are super packed and I got to work full day and coming back late.

Luckily, I only got some quality time on selected weekdays to concentrate on creations for the time being.

My resolutions are taking care my health first. After so many trials and errors, I am grateful that my health condition is picking up tremendously. Thus, you already knew that I have slowed down in blogging, posting, commenting and dropping EC. These are a good change and I will keep closely to this pace and I know it's good. I don't want to lose my health again!

I am reading more books now. My happiest moments are reading the lines that can cheer me in midst of business. The inspirations from books are priceless! I have bought so many books and still haven't really sit down reading them. So, I already started doing so last December.
Among are "Bliss, follow your heart", "Beautiful seneses for Family", A Children Treasury of Poems" and many more......

I am making more products and testing products in my local neighbourhood. Yes, I continue my good effort on this. When I am ready (not so soon), this includes a lot of planning and I need extra time to look into the areas that I need to improve. I actually have so little time now but I have to compete with time....

Resume and participate in Cactus Monday and Illustration Friday on a weekly basis!

Exercise two times a week: Jogging for 1 hour as I have stopped my Yoga class.

And there are more that I wish I could share here.....
Until the next time friends!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What an inspirational post. Happy New Year to you too Yoon See.