Sunday, November 1, 2009

October top EC droppers & advertisers

Dearest EC friends,

Thank you for all that have visited my blog, your commitments on dropping EC consistently are most valued and appreciated. Thank you again.

1 month October link display on my side bar awarded to the top ten September EC droppers which will start on this Sunday the 4th of October.

1000EC to the October 1st EC dropper ( credit to be sent on the 1st Nov 2009) 31

500EC to the October 2nd EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 8th Nov 2009)
Fledgling Blogger 31

250EC to the October 3rd EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 8th Nov 2009)
Funky Town Disco Music 30

50EC to the 4th to 10th EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 16th Nov 2009)

Stuff and Nonsense 30 30Meow Diaries30

bible-examples 29 picture to people 29

Wishing On A Falling Star 29
My Meme Mania29


Yoon See

Dearest October and November EC advertisers,

Thank you to advertise with us. All the best to you all again.

Please visit their blogs to discover more interesting stories, their links are at my right side bar!


Yoon See

Dearest Daily, Regular and Random EC droppers,

Thank you for your support on my blog. For those that have dropped daily and can't make it to the list above. And those just happen to discover my blog. No matter how many drops you have dropped on my blog, I really salute and value your contribution. Thanks again:)


Clara said...

I'm very excited to be in your top 10 droppers for October. Thanks for the link and the ECs.

deepazartz said...

Hmmm...whats this about Yoon See??

Can you explain in leisure? Didn't get it:)

Funky Town said...
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junezach said...

Great! I am on the top again!

More power to your blog Yoon See! Thanks a lot for the friendship and support!


Nessa said...

Congrats to all your EC Top Droppers! :D I see Marzie there... hehe

I didn't make the list, but I shall try this month :D

Happy November, Yoon See!

Mariuca said...

Woo hoo!!! Thanks sweetie, but 29 drops only I missed few days! ;)

Mariuca said...

COngrats to everyone who made ur list sweetie, happy dropping!

Mariuca said...

Hi Nessa! I made it here too yay! :)

yoon see said...

Dear Clara, deepa, Funky Town, junezach, Nessa and Mariuca:)

Funky Town said...

I'm glad for your blog that is followed by many people, keep it up, good job.
Get Funky :)