Monday, November 30, 2009

Gift from Parisa Mahmoudi

Cute greeting from Parisa Mahmoudi!
A very unique bag from her!Thanks I have the wish and I trust that one day
I will meet you in this beautiful city!

Thanks for your kind wishes:)
I trust that all are in order.

Trillion thank you Parisa Mahmoudi for these special gifts and special greetings for me.
They came at the right time and it ended as my birthday gifts.

Last year this time and this year this time....the special birthday gifts were here and are here......
So happy and thank you again Parisa.

I am working hard toward that direction. I wish the same to you too:)


Owl Eng said...

Beautiful bag and card!!

yoon see said...

Thanks Owl Eng!

Evelyn Howard said...


Lynn said...

Pretty bag...lovely gifts.

MONICA said...

Wooo, wonderful gifts from Parissa to you. Have a great birthday :D Hugs and enjoy your presents.

Sarah's Creations said...

Lovely gifts!