Monday, November 23, 2009

Gift from Margaret

Unique cactus greeting cards
Beautiful ATC blooms by Margaret
A 2010 watercolour calender
Unique stamps to feast my eyes
and they will be my latest collection!
A big thank you to my super talented artist friend Margaret from USA.
She is so thoughtful and sweet, see what I have got from her...her charming ATC pieces, cactus greeting cards, 2010 Burst of Blooms watercolour calender, last but not least unique stamps that add colours and fame to my stamp collection. You really know I collect stamps too!
I am so so happy, all these make perfect gifts for my birthday!!!
Thank you again Margaret.
Please please visit her blog to discover more:)


Caroline said...

You're up late tonight Yoon See (me too!). Wow wonderful, wonderful gifts from Margaret - you lucky girl - to be treasured for sure!

Margaret Ann said...

Yea! They landed safely! I am a stamp collector too...They take me away to exotic places without having to leave my home! So glad you are enjoying these Yoon See! :)

marianne said...

What lovely gift from margaret!
Any package arriving from her is always a feast in every way!
Love those colorful cacti cards!

when is your Birthday!
Am I too late to congratulate you?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a lucky lady. What wonderful goodies.

Lynn said...

I love Margarets art too.
Fun to see you enjoying American stamps.

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)

deepazartz said...

What a treat!!!

They are gorgeous...Her art is so unique and gr8!

You are very lucky Yoon See:)

Nessa said...

i could only admire with envy but i am very happy for you, Yoon See! You have such creative and loving friends! :D

ps. i collect stamps too, since 1985! :D

nessadee said...

What a lovely gift! It's a colorful feast for the eyes!

Nicky Linzey said...

You are l7ucky to have such beautiful gifts, Yoon See. Happy Birthday for whenever it is!

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What great gifts and so much creativity. Thanks for sharing.

5577 said...

wah.. such lovely gifts.. :)
loike the cards! very pretty..

soulbrush said...

i have had my brother visiting for two weeks, so missed this generaous she is, and what beauty. do you collect stamps yoon see? i have lots and lots from my atc trading i do. let me know and i will send them to you.xx

Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous gifts from your friend. I received so many stamps from friends I wouldn't say Im a stamp collector but I do like looking at some really nice ones :)