Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blur-Memories of Black & White

Memories are to be revisited, even it seems a little bit blur over the times
but it's worth looking back for inspiration!
The path leads you through and
let you discover the beauty of Tasik Shah Alam.
A lovely scene of a tree near the lake that
defines the calmness of Tasik Shah Alam.

I love photography and this is my photography assignment during my University days many years back.
All images are from the theme nature concept of "Tasik Shah Alam or Shah Alam Lake Garden."

I also love black and white photos, these images were developed in the dark room...
It was so fun from doing the shooting to work out in the darkroom.
This made me understanding and appreciate the process of taking photos, especially black and white ones....
Do you occasionally check on your old photos and works?
I do and hope you have a wonderful time strolling with me here too:)
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parisa mahmoudi said...

Yoon See,these are soooo beautiful!!!GREAT!!!!!!Continue photographing please!

MONICA said...

Yoon See! thank you very much for share beautiful landscapes. Wonderful photo :)
Have a nice and sunny day

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Such a good job of photography. Isn't it odd how such vivid memories eventually become a blurr.

Lynn said...

A lovely serene feel to these photos Yoon See. And published too. Thanks for sharing your memories with us today.

yoon see said...

Thanks Lynn:)

Chan Wah Chen said...

I love black & white photography too. I enjoyed developing the B&W negatives in the tank and printing the photos in the darkroom, although I had to spend many hours to get a good print. With the new digital technology we do not have to do that any more.