Monday, October 26, 2009

Talented Parisa

Talented Parisa
A super talented young girl from Iran
She is the angel from heaven,
she is so gifted in many ways,
always humble, loving and put others first!
I salute and love Parisa:)

My dedication to a beloved special friend.........she is Parisa Mahmoudi!

So so so glad to see her posting again.
I am here to respond to her most recent post Hello! :)

"Hello to you too Parisa Mahmoudi!"

I miss her posting. Thank you, she is posting again and what a surprise to hear from her and she has been accepted in 2nd CJ Picture Book Award! Her family, country and her friend & fan are so proud of her. I am so proud of her too! My sincere prayers and wishes to her that she will continue her chosen precious journey as a great award winning illustrator. An evergreen favourite illustrator that loved by all!

And now I pass on her kind wishes to all my readers here that you all are doing great too!


parisa mahmoudi said...

Wowww,Yoon See,You are fantastic!!!
I'm so proud to have a lovely friends in blogland,like you!
I really love this illustration,So beautiful,the characters and colors are BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much my dear friend !
I wish you all the best
AND I'm waiting to see your book one day in the stores :)


Evelyn Howard said...

Awww Yoon See, you are a sweetie - it's a beautiful illustration, nice and simple - really nice!

MONICA said...

Hi Yoon See! i like very much this special post for Parisa. Lovely and friendly illustration.

Have a nice week :)

UB said...

That a fun illustration. Thank you for visiting Ireland.

get zapped said...

You're so generous. It's good to know people like you are in the world. Happy week to y!

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful illustration and such kind words!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Sarah's Creations said...

Yoon See,
You are an angel! You are so sweet and kind to your friends.
Parisa is a wonderful girl. I love her illustration very much.


Owl Eng said...

Great style! is it one of new directions you have found? the forms and colours are fabulous

yoon see said...

Thanks Sarah and Owl Eng.
Sarah: We all love Parisa!
Owl Eng: Yeah, I am trying out all possible an illustrator, must try to find the best and most comfortable style to work with!