Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiration-Artist S. Amin Shahab

Merdeka Celebration Challenge by S. Amin Shahab
Artist Statement

The Mighty pen
They say the pen is mightier than a sword. Indeed it is a powerful tool.
With a single written instruction, it can command a legion of army to strike war. With it, it can also seal peace between two nations. It can also stir emotions or bring tranquility in artistic ways.
To S. Amin Shahab, he chose the latter. In his quest to complete "One Kilometer World", the artist has used hundreds of pens to bring across not just the message of art but peace and harmony.

Merdeka Hero: 1st Prime Minister of Malaysia
Sultan-Sultan in Malaysia
Our Former Prime Ministers


MONICA said...

Hi Yoon See!! thansk for share great artist. Nice monday and kind regards

Caroline said...

Interesting post Yoon See! Thanks!

Owl Eng said...

the portraits are incredible!! the artist is truly talented!! thanks for sharing

yoon see said...

Thanks friend:)

Nick Phillips said...

Hi Yoon See, cool post :D Have a great Tuesday.

Amy C said...

these are beautiful, thank you for sharing

marianne said...

Wow that's very impressive!
That video is cool!

T.H said...

wow drawing like real ppl, seen it in pyramid cost like RM60 to draw if not mistaken

yoon see said...

You are right TH:)
Happy that you drop by.
Thanks friends:)

s.amin said...

Great job! thanks for your support, we need more creatives people like u to bloom the arts scene! - from the artist himself; S Amin Shahab - (facebook)