Monday, September 28, 2009

Cactus Monday-38

Happy Cactus Monday friends!

This is a sketch I did a few months back,
I really love the colour values and
the dream-like cactus wonderland.
I will put it into development.
Hope that I can show you the finished piece
in the near future.

Take care dear friends.
I will come to visit your blog tomorrow night OK!
To see more wonderful cactus arts,
please visit Teri Casper's blog here.
Thank to my sister in-law.
She is always so thoughtful.
This brown easel is a gift from her
in celebration of my 1st blogging anniversary.
Now, I can display my cactus canvas painting here!
It looks great too from the sideway!
Thanks again.
If you love to see these two canvas paintings.
Please check out my Cactus Monday 15 & 16 here and here.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the strong color values here Yoon See. Your other cactus canvases look great especially on the easel. HCM.

marianne said...

Lovely drawing Yoon See, but those cactus paintings are just fabulous!!!! (i think I have seen them before but again I was in awe! Great gift from your sister!


Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! Yoon See these are magic!!! wonderful works of art and I love that easel!!!


soulbrush said...

what an interesting litle sketch. hcm cacuteer.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

The colors in your sketch are so vivid and exciting. It tells such a colorful and lively story. Well done.

Julie said...

I love those paintings. I I REALLY LOVE the last two! Are they for sale??? They are just GREAT!!! Happy Cactus MOnday Yoon See!

Evelyn Howard said...

can wait to see your finished piece! The completed pieces are lovely - I love the softness... Great easel from your SIL.

Nicky Linzey said...

What a lovely gift, your cactus painting looks great displayed like this.

Owl Eng said...

Nice composition and colour values! can't wait to see its development!!
The canvas paintings of cactus are very nice!!

Benedict Chow said...

Wow the cactus canvas painting looks pretty elegant with good mixed of soft colors. Big thumb up for you Yoon See ;)

MONICA said...

Wooo!!, it´s so cute and lovely colours in your cactus. special gift for a great artist :)
Kind regards and nice day

nessadee said...

Oooh, lovely cactus paintings!

Thanks for stopping by and voting for my book!

Margaret Ann said...

Happy Cactus Monday Yoon See! I returned home to find a delightful package from you filled with all kinds of goodies... I will feature it as part of my thankful Thursday post this October 1st! What a fun surprise...I thank you sooo much! I will be working on one for you now. LOL :)

T.H said...

hi yoon see how you doing ?

dont forget join

Philip Hone said...

Love your wonderful spirit!
I can't see how you get so much done! Great cacti paintings!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Diane AZ said...

Hi Yoon See, I do love your dream-like cactus sketch and also the expressive brush strokes in your Cactus Monday 15. How sweet of your sister-in-law to give you the easel. Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary!

Teri C said...

Oh my goodness, these are just wonderful Yoon See!!! Love that cactus painting. Gorgeous!

messyfish said...

Hi Yoon, its been a while, I love all your art work! I am going to go back now and see the rest that I have missed out on! I have not sent you your surprize yet, I am sorry I am so slow...but I will send it very soon! xxx