Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August Top EC droppers

Dear EC friends,

Entrecard is no longer new to me after a month of committed dropping.
Thank you. It had been very fulfilling to work with you guys.
Keep up your good work, your great effort are valued & appreciated!

Thus, I have decided to give away:
1000EC to the August 1st dropper. Mutual Love (31)
500EC to the August 2nd dropper. Fledgling Blogger (30)
250EC to the August 3rd dropper. JoeTaxpayer(28)

So now, it's time to reveal the rest of the top ten EC droppers:
Brick For Jade(27)
Funky Town Disco Music(26)
WillOaks Studio(25)
Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog(25)
Beyond Left Field(24)
The Cooling Stream(24)

To the rest, don't give up! Enjoy and keep dropping yeah:)
I love your blogs and you guys rock:)

Entrecard has new strategy on EC dropping recently.
So by means, EC credits also will be reduced numerously......
With much thought, I conclude that the rewards for EC credits will be varied depending on how much EC I earn on this month.
Thank you.

Best regards,
Yoon See


Diana Evans said...

oh you are so thoughtful Yoon See!!! you are always so giving!

zewt said...

this is like the chuppers club...