Thursday, September 10, 2009

An Altar to GOD

Every humans in this earth are constantly in search of God.
God directs us, he shows us our greener pastures.
God helps us when we are in troubles.

Genesis 35:3
Then come, let us go up to Bethel, where I will build an altar to God,
who answered me in the day of my distress and
who has been with me wherever I have gone.

Finding GOD and building an altar in HIM is important because God thinks differently from us.
The fact heaven is so high far from earth, same to the God's way, we must always find Him.
His knowledge is higher than us. He always has a better plan for us-The focused & purposed driven life. Blessed
are those that seek Him and put His words in action.

Famous preacher Billy Graham's parent were a faithful couple to God. They had set a good godly example to their children. They read, prayed and proclaimed God's words during their wedding. Since then, the spark of the altar is still lively and going strong. It has been passed down from generation to generation.
As for me, I am still learning to be an obedient child, building my altar in HIM.
May GOD blessing be with you and your family.

Have you built an altar for yourself and your family?
Do you feel his presence?
Do you feel the love of God?
Do you long for his words?

YES or NO:
If you answer is yes.
Good, do continue your good effort!

Living the Holy Altar in you.
I am sure God has been there for you and
He is still there for you now and
He will still be with you forever.

But if your answer is no or not sure, then you got to find a way.
Please, please find Him OK!
The question now is how to find God?
You can attend a local church service and talk to a pastor if you are totally new.
The Pastor will provide you the starter pad which essential for you to understand and follow.


Owl Eng said...

Reading this post has turned my uninspired day to a motivated one. Thanks a lot for this Godly message. God blesses you ;)

Julie said...

God bless you, Yoon See! I love when people can stand up and proclaim their faith! You are a beautiful person, and this post will be helpful to many people around the world. I will have you in my prayers!

yoon see said...

Thank you dear Owl Eng and Julie:)

Kay Aker said...

Very well put! thanks for sharing! what a blessing you are!