Monday, August 10, 2009

Gift from Parisa Mahmoudi

Talented Chicken by Parisa Mahmoudi
Her lovely signature and greeting just make me smile")
Swim, my dear!
Lovely geometric pattern and koi fishes!
Quite and charming setting of a farm neighbourhood!
I am overjoy when my dear artist friend Parisa Mahmoudi sent me her first children illustration book entitled talented chicken last week for free. The story is about an insistent mother hen, who is determined to push her chick to sing, to fly, to swim-while ignoring the fact that it is only a chicken!

This is not the first time she sent me present. He..He..Even her mum sent me present! She is so kind, I just love her whole family!
I always receive her warmest greeting through emails and comments too. I really cherish our friendship.
Yes, she is a very talented and friendly person that I adore so much!
Parisa, that's reason to celebrate and continue your good effort. I will be joining your path. I draw inspirations from your creative works parisa:)
Thus, I need to find a way to dabble into this line, I love to contribute my art to christian children illustration in Malaysia.God please open a way for me:) I pray and trust this is order.
For those would love to order or have a copy of "Talented Chicken".
Please visit her blog, alternatively you can write to her at:


mizzyN said...

that's a beautiful book. tell her i say that. :)

Anonymous said...

What cute illustrations! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a fan on facebook:)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Sis,
Thanks for coming by the other day.
Visiting you again and browsing a few sessions to the back where I left the last time. Not commenting this time around and I suppposed you understand. Is your masthead in three pieces (the dotted clouds)? It slows down when flipping the older post.
Merge them to a piece - that way the whole masthead appear at once !

Yes, Parisa's work is fine. She has that illustrous touch in her works.
Take Care in this weather !

yoon see said...

Thanks Ruzzlan, I will certainly do something about my header.