Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday Weekword 1-Camping

Camping in an Isolated Cat Island!
Fantasy in camping!
Just you & me.
Susan and her cat day dreaming outside
of their camp (cat design)

Friday Weekword for last challenge was camping.

Camping means holiday spent living in tents.
However, I don't have any above experience yet.

I am not an adventurous person, so naturally I haven't try camping yet.......but I love the fun of participation, I would definitely join in camping in the future just like my sister in law did!
Anyway, I had tried jungle tracking before. Quite fun, crossing the river was the part I was timid of.....
I am not satisfy with this sketch. I will make time to improve it.
Watch out for my update in the near future.
However, I love the idea behind.
He..He..I guess, I always have a lot of wild ideas.....

This friday weekword is Aroma. It was suggested by my talented artist friend Caroline.
Get creative and use the word prompt to post your drawings, photos, stories, poems, paintings or whatever you choose, to your blog.
Please visit Caroline's Studio and drop her a comment if you would love to participate.
Feel free to check out her flickr. There are a lot of great travel photos that you will fall in love with!

Have fun friends...I do and you are the next!


baincardin said...

luv the imaginary of the cat ^_^

mizzyN said...

maybe i'll visit them later. see you around yoon see. i thought i'd meet you this weekend, but i am going back to jb and you also have something there i guess.

anyway good day!

Owl Eng said...

nice idea!! love the dual functions of the camp ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

THe kitty tent is like a tent I have seen for children. Cute. I hope you get to go camping some time. It is fun if you like to be in the out of doors.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

MONICA said...

Nice camp :) funny time.

aileng miao said...

cat island! omg so cute :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Amy C said...

yeah I love camping its one of my very favorite things, and camping in this campsite would be so cool and so totally fun.

Zari said...

this is so nice, full of imagination! like it very much!
have a nice day! : )

-Thank you so much for visiting my blog frequently...I'm sorry i can't visit as much! :P

yoon see said...

Thanks Zari:)

Kay Aker said...

Fun cat tent! I have an award for you at my blog