Monday, July 13, 2009

Telekom Tower Kuala Lumpur IV

Final sharing of the shots!


Kris-Tea said...

Hi Yoon See!
Thank you so much for your always beautiful comments :) I would like to do more sketches,but I'm very busy!.. I'm illustrating a book about fairies, my first book!^^ It's a very nice project. Hope you can see it when it's finished.
And interesting views in your photos, great work!
Ah! A relative was in your country and gave me a nice green t-shirt with Malasya written on it, I love it! :)
Thanks again! Bye-byee!

Yuri said...

what cool photos!
and thank you so much for your comment. it means a lot to me!

Julie said...

You see art in everything!!! I love modern everything so I also appreciate this building! Cool shots!!!

yunus said...

ya! vote for the first photo! angle and balanced! :) nice2

Nessa said...

Hi Yoon See!

I used to work at Telekom but I never got to see this new building up close. Looks awesome ya.

Have a lovely Monday :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Anwar said...

Stunning photos! The buildings are so beautiful and shiny! I love the architecture.