Thursday, July 16, 2009

My jewelries collection

My jewelries collection
Confession- I love art and art is always in my mind.
Another fact that I can't deny is my love for shopping.
I would love to have a huge and decent collection of the things I like, love and adore.
They are books, shoes, jewelries, art supplies and lovely things that make me feel happy!

Today, I am going to share with you some of my jewelries collection that I own since I started work. It sounds weird and behind to some.........but well I didn't have the luxurious like the kids nowadays...........some of they have the latest handphone above RM1000, a visit to the bookshop and walk away with some books costing around RM200 and above.
Mine is just a humble collection, hope you will enjoy looking at them.
You can see that my love for earrings are greater than necklaces, bracelets and any other things.
I love earring because earring can simply change my mood of that day.
A beautiful suit is not complete with a pair of matching earring!
I miss those glorious days wearing these beautiful stuff............where I could find the time to try matching a few before I head for any occassion.
So, knowing the fact, I can't waer any of them at the moment.........
I just have to keep it a side......
Which one you like friends?

My favourite: a pair of moon shape earring
Another favourite: Spiral earring
A gift from my late mother's friend from UK
Pearly Crystal White VS Black Golden
Birthday gifts from friend
Tropical Eye Candies VS Elegant Pearly Swirl
Earrings. Badges. Pendant.
You can write an entry bases on the below and then link back to this entry.
Thank you.
What is your story of jewelries collection?
What other collections that you are so in love with?


Julie said...

I like your "tropical eye candy" earrings!!! I like all of the color in them! I can't do a meme on this...I wear all of the jewelry I wedding ring, and one ring on my other hand...a silver one with turquoise...oh and my little tiny white gold leverbacks with cubic zirconia stones (very modest). I have to admit I am not a big jewelry person! Sad, but true!!! I like to look at it, but almost NEVER buy. I DO Love books though!!! LOL!

Lynn said...

I can see many of these making it onto art pieces. The pearls with stars are my favorites!!!! Great collection!

mizzyN said...

i am so going to do this fun tag. I see that you like earrings and i so agree that they change with mood. Just looking at them is fun as I like colourful things a lot.

- c H i E n - said...

woah! that's a lot!
I don't have earrings. Ever since my holes closed up and I never dare to go get my ears pierced already... Haha~

T.H said...

wow they are nice :) hehe.. every gal like to have them.

T.H said...

I am back from kuching yay..

T.H said...

hi yoon see vote me I am no.10 at

haha.. no idea how it to vote, you mention in the comment yeah.

Sarah said...

Hi yoon see!
What a beautiful collection. I Like all of them. Specially
the starfishes and the pink butterflys.

Have a nice day!


Diana Evans said...

Hi Yoon See!!!

oh what a great collection!!! I love to shop too...

Have a wonderful day!!!


Gaia said...

Love those blue moons!!
Sorry it took me a while to answer, I'm on vacations with my family and not every hotel has a wi-fi connection to use :)
I hope everything is well with you, my friend. It's always nice to hear from you and read your posts. I should be home by the end of July and it will be easier to communicate. Take care, Gaia

Teri C said...

Oh gosh, they are all beautiful!

My shopping story is; I hate shopping! I go to the mall to buy clothes and end up in the bookstore or art store. lol

I have most of my jewelry in the safe deposit box except for the diamond earrings that DH gave me and I never change them. That and my wedding rings. Am I boring or what?!

soulbrush said...

oh wow these are all fabadabadoo. enjoy earing them as you are young and carefree, and that's what tyey all look like...carefree.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have a pretty collection of jewlery Yoon See. I too like jewlery. I don't buy it so much any more.

aileng miao said...

I heart the spiral gold ones! gosh ur collection (and ur taste ofcourse!) is probably sufficient for u to open an online accessories shop :)

Squirrel Girl said...

I like the pearly ones!! Those are beautiful! You have a lot of earrings.. I just started collecting a few because I got my ears pierced only a few months ago! They are fun to wear :)

T.H said...

hi yoon see giveaway started at

Nicky Linzey said...

I love earrings too, my favourites are the green starfish!

Owl Eng said...

what a great collection you have! i love collecting earings too but i seldom wear them ;(

mizzyN said...

I have done the tag. Yeay!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

What a lovely collection!They are nice!!!You know,I don't have any earrings,My ears don't have that little hole to keep jewelries on! :)
Have a nice time dear.

Dam Ferreira said...

Hi!! ^.^"
Very beautiful your job!!
very nice

PS:Thanks for the comments!!
and congratulations for the blog, very interesting!!


Mei said...

That is a lovely collection Yoon See!
I agree, that nowadays kids have the luxury to buy most of what they want.
But your collection is wonderful to you all the same. It's really too bad that money controls so much of who we are.

by the way, thank you for the drop by my blog! I greatly appreciate it ;)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)