Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gifts from Anny

Lovely gifts!
Anny's doodle and some inspiring art cards

Anny is one of the blogger friends that I get to know through Emila Yusof's blog.
This lady is super humorous and kind hearted. She is a dog lover and is the master of a few smart dogs. Besides, she loves photography. So, naturally, she blogs about her darling pets in her personal blog and photographed their cool gestures with her magic lens .

This was the comment I left at her photography blog and Anny noticed I love it....and I am the new owner of a dommy's shot!
"Dommy is like the Alice in the wonderland, having wonder and great time exploring the mother nature!"
Thank you Anny for these careful handpicked gifts. I am going to frame up this super large Dommy's photo with the best quality frame!
Wow, the charming bloom greeting cards and cool doodle have just made me smiled:)
Ooh, a red purse for me. OK, so lovely...how can I don't use it!
He..He..I am too contented!
Please visit her two blogs here:


Anonymous said...

Lovely indeed =)

MONICA said...

Lovely gifts. Nice week
Hugs and regards from spain.

Anny said...

thanks for the very meaningful post and mention... you didn't have to... :) glad u love Dom's print :)

rizumu said...

hey yoon see, nice blog. Quick drop by, will check it out more later. n thx for coming by too :) And Piano teacher, heh? must be musically inclined for sure!

Soon Wei

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are a lucky lady to receive such precious gifts.

Anwar said...

Those are really beautiful gifts! I bet you were excited to get them. :)

I wanted to thank you for the lovely and thoughtful comments you left at my blog. I'm really glad you enjoyed my art, and the little stories that I try to make with each picture. It was a real joy to read your comments, and I'm glad you could tell which badger was the girl. :)

I really love the way your blog looks, so I'm going to look around some more. Thanks again!

Sarah said...

Beautiful gifts.
I have to see her blog.

kj said...

dear friend, there is an award waiting for you on my blog. please come....

James Oh said...

Please come to my teaartblog to claim the award , Sis Yoon See.

Thanks and look forward to welcoming you there,

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

yunus said...

wow! that's lovely gift and nice printed card :)

Emila Yusof said...

wah!! you oso got!!! anny is indeed a funny person and kind too!