Monday, July 20, 2009

Cactus Monday-34

Happy Cactus Monday friends!

Today, I found this a creative site The Eco Zoo featuring 3D interactive books via unit 9 .
If you like cute and fun stuff, I highly recommend you at least to drop for a visit!
You will be fascinated by some super creative creations that deal with environmental friendly issues:)
I instantly fall in love with them and further explode another great site by its creator Masayuki Kido.
Roxik is a fun interactive paint site for doodle submission.
Here are a few done by me. Enjoy!
For clearer view, please click here:


MONICA said...

Original and nice videos with cactus!
good week :D

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Interesting. Happy cactus Monday.

messyfish said...

oh this is just soooo cute!

Outside In said...

Great videos! very creative, Happy CM!


marianne said...

How extraordinary this is!
Such a special cactus post!


Gerald said...

No way! That is soooo cool

Judy Butler said...

Dancing Cactus, what could be more fun than that. Cute, cute, cute... made me laugh. Judy

Diane C. said...

Your cute videos really made me smile today! I like the cactus characters and the music. :)

Teri C said...

How neat is that!!! What fun Yoon See. Thanks.


betchai said...

thanks for sharing the unique and fun videos, very interesting. love them. Happy cactus Monday to you as well.

Lynn said...

How cute. I love the second one the best...color and flower!

Cute younger brother below too!

Catherine said...

this is so cute!! happy monday cactus!!!
so what software you using?? wanna know >U<

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)
Just visit
for more details!

Margaret Ann said...

Hilarious! What fun...some funky dancing cacti! :) HCM!

Anonymous said...

haha.. cute la =D

yoon see said...

Thanks friend:)