Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Kristi!

Happy Birthday to Kristy! (Belated)
Close-up (touched up version)
Close-up (Original)

Here I shout out loud & clear: "Happy Birthday to you Kristi!"
Wow! Can you see how happy she is staring at her birthday cake.
OK...Ok...Can we have a slice now. Yum yum, so so hungry!
This is a dedication to my sweet and beautiful blogger friend Kristi of Kikolani:)
I particularly love her weekly friday entries Fetching Friday!
Fetching Friday is a compilation of Blogging/Design, Social Media, Business, Tech/ Seo, Personal Development/Growth/ Self Improvement and etc.
Friends, do visit her blog, you will find what you want here as the contents are so rich, it's really worth reading!
Which close-up do you prefer?
The touched up version or the original.
Thank you for your opinion.


soulbrush said...

you are such a good friend, happy birthday kristi

Owl Eng said...

This is absolutely cute!! whoever receives it will be very very thrilled! so sweet of you ;)

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)

You are so kind and thoughtful!

Owl Eng:
Same, you are very very thrilled here Owl Eng:)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful happy birthday. Kristi is lucky =)

I wanted to thank you, Yoon See, for reading my blogs and always the lovely comments. As you already know I moved to a new blog, so when you have time please update the link to

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your friend =)

yoon see said...

Thanks aorecord and kenwooi:)

kikolani said...

Thank you so much for the birthday dedication! That is really the most awesome thing I have gotten from a blogging friend! I love the original, but the vibrancy of the colors in the touched up one is nice as well. I downloaded the pictures to save them... I can't thank you enough. :)

~ Kristi

yoon see said...

You are most welcome Kristi.
You love the original version!
Good to hear that!!!
Thanks for dropping by:)