Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun time with family

Yum! Yum! Free meal for birthday boy and girl! My brother and sister in-law birthday's celebration!
Indeed, it was a fun & happy meal.
Do you see the moons here?

Birthday & wedding anniversary celebration with my family at Pizza Hut!
Both my brother and sister in-law are having the same birthday. (Same year, same day)
I got free vouchers and this treat from me also was free:)
He..He..Everyone so happy!


marianne said...

What a coincidence!
They must understand each other very well.....!
Love your picture as well!

Have a nice Sunday! Or shalli say sleep well, as it is much later over there....

Anonymous said...

nice pictures!
its fun to be with family =)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We are going for pizza tonight. It looks like you had a great time. Even the moons are smiling.

Owl Eng said...

nice snaps with fun & artistic touch of graphic!
p.s: the food photo made me hungry again, though i just had my breakfast 45 mins ago ;p

Nessa said...

Good morning Yoon See! Happy Monday :)

Happy birthday to your bro and SIL ya. Great company, great food... especially when it's free... hehe

Renee said...

Yoon See Happy Birthday to your brother and sister in law. Handsome brother.

You look beautiful by the way.

I also laughed at your comment on kj's blog. You are so cute.

Love Renee xoxo

Lynn said...

Happy birthday to the happy couple. What a sweet coincidence!

Yoon See, I got your request for two ATCs. Please send me your mailing address at Thank you for wanting them!

Catherine said...

thats a great day you have :) looks fun ~xD

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Nicky Linzey said...

It's great to spend time with family isn't it. Love what you've done with your pictures.

mizzyN said...

u cutify the drinks with moons, how cute. the people looked happy happy there.

i am a pizzaholic, and once i ate at a pizza hut a day after my birthday and requested the service staff for that 'birthday cake'. so tak malu one!

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)

Diana Evans said...

looks like a wonderful time!!!

yoon see said...

Yeah Diana!