Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cactus Monday-31

Happy Belated Cactus Monday friends!
Sorry, I was very tired yesterday, I drew this but did not submit the entry.
The cactus team is on a long vacation at a Tropical Island.
They were having a great time playing & drifting in the water.
Hope you enjoy the doodle:)
I will come to your blog for comment tonight, sorry for being late!


Owl Eng said...

Great imagination!! the lovely cactus are very agile in the water too! ;).
Ever consider to compile all your cute cactus series in one book? they make a charming story character!!
Have good rest and some nourishment after working hard. ;)

Margaret Ann said...

Clever combination of If and CM...Happy Belated Cactus Monday to you! :)

MONICA said...

Hi! Great work with cactus in holidays :) Happy cactus monday :D
Hugs and regards. It´s so cute.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Cactus Monday on Tuesday. It is good to see your sketch no matter what day of the week. Get rested.

Teri C said...

All these adorable cactus on are on vacation, they should have taken you with them. What a cute illo!


Diane C. said...

Delightful cactus drawing. I think they appear natural in a tropical setting. Sometimes the desert looks like an underwater scene to me. I love the snake-like eel and pink fish.

marianne said...

Yeah, that's the life!
Nearly cactus heaven!

eugene said...

Sorry i am blur, just what is Cactus Monday, dont mind telling?

Sarah said...

Hi yoon see!
Such a beautiful family. It looks like they are haveing good time there.

Have you started your beading class?

Warm regards from sweden

yoon see said...

Thanks Sarah. I had just finished my class.

yoon see said...

Cactus monday is a weekly drawing or photograph challenge, for those that participates must illustrate or snap photos of cactus creatively!

Kay Aker said...

Such frolicsome whimsy!

Anonymous said...

catus at green desert.. haha =D

A said...
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Anonymous said...

Aww they are taking a Cactus family summer vacay!! How sweet =)