Monday, June 22, 2009

Beading Workshop Level 1 with Beadpassion

The three beading projects
Yesterday, it was my first beading workshop (the first half) with Beadpassion.
I was very happy with the workshop as we learned three projects.
1 necklace + 1 floating necklace and a braclet in a very fun manner.

We have 5 students plus Felicia, the founder of beadpassion in the workshop.
The workshop started and ended with joy and thrills along.

Felicia and even the members there know how to joke; making the class less formal, everyone get to interact well.
At the end of the class, we were like innocent kids discovering the charm of some great precious stones, findings....etc.
Thus, we were kiasu...didn't want to miss out buying some back, just for our secret experiments.
Hopefully, my skill on beading will gradually improve later once I have the hands on experience.

My ponder:
I believe we could learn more from going to a workshop. The visual and audio part of a life workshop make it a memorial part of the learning process. And it will imprint in our heart.
Seeing is believing, I love to feel and touch the to interact with new friends there.
I am so glad to sign up for the workshop. It's better than I expected:)

That's reasons I can't wait for the next workshop( the second-half) to come...He...He..

Of course, there are no male students in the's that beading just for ladies!According to Felicia, there are more male beading lovers as to compare to Malaysia.
So gentlemen, please don't be hesitate to join a workshop if you really have the interest.
You can always go with your girlfriend or wife....

Last but not least, hope those beading beginners will find a good instructor like Felicia from Beadpassion!
Good luck:)


marianne said...

I think this can be pretty addictive....
I love pearls!

Julie said...

This is so much fun...I went through a beading phase...and made bracelets...I still have so many beads, and findings in a big box!! I still pull them out to use for embellishments...they never go to waste! Fun to share with friends also!

Owl Eng said...

wow... u're really multi-talented! now u're into beading!! they are pretty!!

Anonymous said...

What lovely jewelry =) Glad to hear that you are enjoying your classes.


Amy C said...

beautiful - they are stunning and so pretty, you must be very happy with them.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun and beautiful projects. It must be satisfying to end up with these beautiful objects.