Friday, May 22, 2009

Project Good 50 x 70///2009

I came across Good 50 x 70 the project that helps social communication early this year and I was most inspired by the positive messages delivered to their audience. They run an annual contest to address the social issues happening around us. It has been around seen 2007.

I am most inspired then, even my IF contagious was an attempt to spread an important message over to you all in the same manner.
Here are a few of my favourite posters from the Good 50 x 70, 2009 project.:

Child Prostitution David Criado Bolivia

Extinction Marco Valentini Italy

Malgorzata Bedowska Poland

Let them grow Carlier Julien France
Ulas UgurPinar AkkurtTurkey

Payam Abdolsamadi Iran

Torture Against Woman
Süyümbike GüvençTurkey
breast mosques
Ekin KilicTurkey

I take this golden opportunity to congratulate all participants and winners of the project, I really salute you guys, you all had done a good job!


Comella said...

Interesant blog.

Caroline said...

What powerful images, Yoon See. Thank you for sharing!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Yoon!!! these posters are very neat.....thanks for finding all these wonderful things to share....


Dot said...

Very neat posters! thanks for sharing them :)

Owl Eng said...

The graphics are very impactful... Creative minds rule!!

marianne said...

Wonderful posters Soon Yee!
Thanks for sharing!

Have a nice day!

Lynn said... heart screamed out seeing these incrediable posters portraying the crimes committed in our world against women and children and animals.
As a mental health worker/therapist I see the after mass of a lot of this horror.
The artists did a marvelous job getting the MESSAGE ACROSS. So important!!!! So powerful.
Thank you for sharing these works.

My word verification is distrapo
Wow! get them out of their traps!
May it help to stop the crimes NOW!

soulbrush said...

these are all terrific. what wonderfully inspiring images.

yoon see said...

Thanks firends:)

parisa mahmoudi said...

So great!!!I didn't know about it anything!Thank you so much yoon see about this post! :)
Be Happy

human being said...

the united colors of Iranian women!
this one was very telling...

though just a few Iranian women look like this!

yoon see said...

Thanks parisa and human being for dropping by!